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Hello From My Little Dinosaur

I haven’t been posting for a while. It’s been pretty challenging juggling mommy duties and office duties. My baby dinosaur turns 5 months today (Hooray!). More or less I might just bake a simple cake or brownie tomorrow since it is my off day tomorrow.

Anyway, here are some photos that I would like to share, to somehow celebrate today:

Good morning bald dino! This was taken on his 3rd month

We recently bought him a walker as a Christmas present. So far, he can last for about 10 minutes tops before asking us to take him. Lol!

And this ball rattle which he loves to drool on

He can turn over by himself. With some assistance because his arms are often stuck

Aaand I found this pureed baby food in Jaya grocer. Currently, he is taking the banana, pear and mango flavor and loving it!

A mommy’s little man, but his favorite is his dad

Week 21 – A Visit to Star City

My brother invited us to his company’s family day one weekend of May. Ironic as it sounds, it was our little family who went, sans the employee who was supposed to be there. Be as it may, we enjoyed the day but, resolved to going to amusement parks when Geoff is a bit older.

Here is the only picture that we managed to get during the event because the baby was active the whole time.


Borlogs after mangulit the whole day!

A Shout Out Before The 14th

How time flies. In a few hours, I will be a proud momma to a 14 month old toddler. For me, Geoff will be my baby forever. I will never regret being a mother to you my love. You have changed me for the better, made me strong so that you will have someone to lean on to, made me wiser in order to guide you. I hope to keep you safe, but I know darling, that challenges will make you a better person. I pray that you will be healthy and wise, generous and kind. I wish that you will be a well rounded person, a good son, and hopefully a caring brother.

Happy 14th month my baby, together with your dad, we love you to the moon and back!

Day 1

Day 1

A week before the 14th month

A week before the 14th month