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Week 32 – Sweet Smile

It took this long before I can post an update. I have been having sharing issues with Geoff over the phone. Just the same, he made it a habit to delete photos and videos to annoy me.

Anyway, it makes me more motivated to improve on my baking skills as Geoff is my number 1 suki (next to Jeff, I think!).


Cutie with his cupcake 🙂

Week 32 – Hiyaah!

So on this week, I was surprised when I received some sort of nudge in my shins. When I looked, the baby was kicking me, at the same time, shouting, “hiyaah!” (Yes, I was so engrossed with what I was reading that time, I did not notice his antics!)

Dunno where he got it, maybe some of the commercials, maybe even Disney, but it was adorable!


Week 30 – A Song For You

It took me a while to sort out photos. And another while to realize that I don’t have any for this particular week. Anyway, let me post a video instead.

It took me a while to understand what this baby was singing. To be precise, it took me a whole week to understand that he was singing “Treasure” by Bruno Mars. Haha! Enjoy!