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Week 21 – A Visit to Star City

My brother invited us to his company’s family day one weekend of May. Ironic as it sounds, it was our little family who went, sans the employee who was supposed to be there. Be as it may, we enjoyed the day but, resolved to going to amusement parks when Geoff is a bit older.

Here is the only picture that we managed to get during the event because the baby was active the whole time.


Borlogs after mangulit the whole day!

Week 19 – Nom nom

I am thankful that Geoff is healthy and has a big appetite most of the time. Though I am guilty that he eats junk food, we still make sure that what we buy outside or cook at home will compensate the unhealthy stuff. Anyway, here is Geoff’s “very magana” picture when we ate at Savory last payday.


Supposedly, susubuan ko lang. Kaso he claimed the plate in front of him and demanded some noodles as well 🙂

Week 17 – Discovering Other Ways to Use the Ipod

It’s quite funny because eversince Geoff saw the ipod, he would use it as an imaginary phone. During this week, I figured it’s high time for me to experiment how he would react if I let him use the earphones as well.

I guess, this photo shows that he enjoyed it and that the experience was rather new, but enjoyable.


Week 14 – The Independent Little Boy

At 2 years and 1 month, we always encourage Geoff to do things that he should be able to do. He has chores this early, and some of them includes putting his dirty clothes in his hamper and fetching his own sippy cup from the fridge whenever he needs to drink.

Anyway, this is his photo as he is getting down from the chair. He wanted to read his books and one of his favorite things to do is to ask us get one book at a time (this is very tiring, I tell you), so I suggested that he tries doing it on his own.

Please note that anytime he climbs up, it is under supervision (lol!)


on his way down. great job, baby!

Weeks 12 and 13 – Late Posts

There was this one day last last week when, despite of the terrible summer heat, it rained. This baby, despite of my constant yelling reminder not to go out, insisted to go because he wanted to take a bath in the rain. Too bad the it wasn’t raining very hard that time for him to be drenched.


All smiles kahit pinapagalitan!

And last week, I finally captured his very evasive, newly acquired expression: An incredulous “Ha?!”