Sunday Playdate

My friends planned a playdate/mini reunion for the tropa last Saturday. I was kind of worried because it has been raining non stop 2 days before the actual gathering. Come Saturday, the sun was bright and shining, thus, the date pushed through.

I was supposed to prepare my cheesy potato marbles as a contribution, however, that morning, Rney informed me that no one was assigned to bring bread, which had me decide to prepare a spread as well. I prepared an egg spread and brought most of the necessary stuff that we need for a picnic. I brought along a knife because I requested for indian mangoes, 2 liters of water, salt, bagoong, Geoff’s choco drink and snack, as well as an extra pack of bread.

As far as I remember, the Pasig Rainforest Park was not that developed yet. I did not remember it having a zoo, or a lagoon where you can rent a paddleboat. It was a pretty straight forward park. I was kind of annoyed (at first) and amazed to see that it was currently being renovated, and as far as I can tell from the attractions/ statues that are being installed, it is going to be fabulous!

There was a minizoo, a spacious children’s playground, a lagoon for paddleboating (still closed), a lot of cottages (some are still closed), some commercial spaces with sink (at least, that’s what  Riza’s husband, Glenn, think), tennis court, basketball court, and last but not the least, the swimming pool!

The entrance to the minizoo is P5 for Pasig residents and P20 for non residents, while the pool charges are P60 for residents, while P100 for non residents. You would have to present a valid ID with the address, proof that you are indeed from Pasig. The prices are also for adults, I did not check the fee for kids.

For the minizoo, there was a monkey, owls, eagles (I don’t know the variety), reindeers, lots of warthogs, carabaos, lizards, snakes, horses and a few others that I don’t remember. Well, there was also this ostrich that my heart breaks for since it is clearly not in good health. Most of his feather is gone. Clearly, most of the animals are in a sorry state. Period. Hope the Pasig government can do something about it.

As for the families who went, there was Jeralynne, her hubby, Mike, and their only daughter, Lei. There was also Riza, Glenn, and their 3 children, Aldrin, Kurt, and Gianne. Jaimie and Rney was there, both single 🙂 Bine came late, as she had a previous engagement to attend to before. Anyway, we really enjoyed, Geoff was even knocked out before we left the venue.

Here are some pics:


The gang, less Jak and Kuya Roni


Mga nauna 🙂


With Nanay Josu


Ninang Jaimie and Geoff


Ninang Rney with Lei and Gianne


Familia Dayto’s wacky jump shot


Single and ready to mingle 🙂


Opeda Family


Wacky daw


Mga padre de familia



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