Spaghetti Face Love

It’s no secret that I love contests especially if the prize at stake is something that Geoff can use, or if it’s something that I can share with the family. Anyway, I think it was last month when I joined a contest from one of the blogs that I regularly read, which is the Mommy Topaz blog. The contest was called the Spaghetti Face contest wherein I just needed to post Geoff’s spaghetti face and tag accordingly. Since the mechanics were so easy, and I managed to snap a picture of what exactly was needed, I joined.


This was what I had as an entry 🙂 Geoff loves spaghetti!

Shortly after the contest closed, Geoff was announced as the winner. Yay!

Side kwento: I got a bit worried about the delay in the delivery of my prize. I initially thought it was because of the storm so I just waited for a few more days. One week after, I asked Ms. Frances if there was someone who I can follow up with in Del Monte. She responded quickly and sorted out the issue. 2 days after, the prize was delivered to the address I provided 🙂 I am a happy camper.

BTW, here is a snapshot:

Collage 2013-09-04 18_49_15

The box, prize basket, the arts and crafts set, Geoff and his clay lizard

Since Geoff is still too young to use the materials included, I kept it in my craft box first for safekeeping. I had him play with it for a few minutes, and I cringe everytime he steps on the watercolor set or attempt to bite the box of crayons. I had to give in to the modelling clay, and shaped him a good lizard. For some reason, he is fascinated with the lizards he sees on the ceiling outside. The funny thing was, he got disgusted at first, but decided to go ahead and pick it up then threw it away. And repeated the steps until he got bored with the poor clay lizard 🙂

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