Skin Asthma

I have this small patch of ugly in my right arm. It started way back I can remember but it was not in any way visible nor irritating. This summer, however, was the most intense and the hottest. This somehow triggered the patch to come out and show it’s glorious self (may sariling buhay lang ang peg.. Tsk!). Anyway, along with that, tinadtad din ako ng pimples. I initially planned a visit to the derma courtesy of our Medicard but I kept putting it off because it’s very hard to schedule an appointment with my schedule. And because I felt medyo malala na sya, I decided to go yesterday.

I went to The Medical City in Sta. Lucia Mall yesterday. Given that it was a Saturday and I got there at around past 4 PM, there were a lot of people in the clinic. I only chose TMC because of the location. I was eyeing the other clinic sana, and until now, I am wishing dun na lang ako nagpunta. Let me get back to my story.

I told the good doctor that I have 2 concerns, my arm and my pimples. He took one look at my arm and started scribbling on his prescription pad and told me in a matter of fact tone, “skin asthma”. All these happened in less than 2 minutes. Since na-sense ko na parang mas mabilis pa yung actual consultation than my wait time, I asked questions like what could have caused it, kung matatangal pa, and got one liners for answers. Same thing happened with the pimples. As soon as I asked about it, he started scribbling while explaining the meds, again, it took no longer than 3 minutes.

BTW, according to the Internet, skin asthma is a form atopic dermatitis or eczema, wherein the skin is overly allergic to certain substances. The results are almist common, wherein the part is itchy to the point of disturbing sleep and drawing blood. Both were applicable to me, the worst is that it is very visible because my skin tone is fair and the patch is always an angry red.

After getting all the prescriptions, I decided to get a second opinion na lang. I was not happy with how the consultation was handled. Parang for the sake of pabilisan lang.

went to Mercury drug din to get the prices for the meds, and turned out that one of them costs 1k + for a tiny gel. I will buy those for skin asthma because one of them is physiogel, which is a brand that we trust. The rest, I’ll put on hold first until I get a second opinion. 

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