See You Soon, Palawan!

A few years back, my friends and I visited the wonderful province of Palawan. Due to time constraints, we were only able to visit a few must sees in Puerto Princesa and El Nido. We had so much fun then and everything that we did were DIY. There were only 3 of us on that travel, and it was pure luck that Bambi, was a self confessed traveller, and she made all the necessary arrangements and itinerary. All Rney and I did were to go with the flow and pay for whatever is needed. I think I was able to spend around 6K the entire trip, only because I splurged on pasalubongs and food everytime we dine out.

This year, Babe and I will celebrate our second wedding anniversary and semi financial freedom, in Palawan. Babe wanted to see the underground river, and I am more than happy to oblige. This will be the first time that we will leave Geoff for a few days, we are quite sure that he will be in good hands.


From one of the islands during the Honda Bay Tour


Entrance to the Underground River


The sign right before you get to the actual entrance 😀

I am done arranging our IT and our lodging. I will be depositing the down payment for the tours by end of month. Surely, I will post about our adventure after. I can hardly wait!

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