My friends (Laarni and Jaimie) and I went out on Valentines Day for dinner. It was a casual get together to finally catch up with each other. As usual, it was a night full of reminiscing and laughter. Since I did mention that it was our moment to catch up with each other, I found out that Laarni is into a new business venture and shared with us what kept her busy during the past few weeks. It turned out that she is now a member of Royale, a company that sells beauty and wellness products as well as a marketing company.

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I first encountered the brand when I bought the corn flavored drink a few years ago. My mom found the drink okay, so we gave it to her instead. Our palate is not very accustomed to new flavors, sadly.

Anyway, I asked her what was special about the business, as it seems like a regular direct selling gig. It turned out that there were a lot of success stories behind it, being a seller and a recruiter as well. So far, she is attending classes/seminars provided by the company (for free!) in order to equip her with the skills needed for the job. I was impressed, as most direct selling companies don’t offer such opportunities to learn. According to her, they give classes about goal setting, positive thinking, proper mind-setting and even personality development. Good enough deal, if you ask me.

As for the products, it seems that the focus is more on beauty and wellness products such as glutathione pills, fiber rich supplements, health drinks, and even whitening products such as soaps and cream. Based on the flyer she gave me, there are 3 categories, namely, Royale Wellness, Royale Beauty, and the L’Opulent Series. Pricing range is a bit tricky, as it really varies, so it is a must to contact your friendly “Royalista” instead.

Laarni gave me a soap to try, which was the Kojic Papaya Soap (priced at 180). Being fair skinned, I have not seen any noticeable changes, however, I liked the papaya scent that the soap has. It did not make my skin dry, which is always what I look for in a soap. Of course, results will vary, and most of the time, will be visible after a few months or so of usage. Take note that I only used half a bar of soap for half a month now, so, I can’t really provide a more detailed feedback.

I did mention that Royale is also a marketing company. According to my understanding, aside from selling, you may also earn by recruitment. Sort of a networking schema, which is how direct selling usually functions. Based on the information provided to me, there is no joining fee, and the only cash out a person will shell out is for the products they will sell (which is 30% discounted).

Times like these, there really is no harm in trying, even if you think it is a risk. You just have to ensure that the “risk” you are going in to will give you a better yield in the future. Try to balance the pros and cons of the venture you will get in to and learn as much as possible. After all, success is only achieved if you are brave enough to take the risk.

Let me end this post with a few before and after pictures of the success stories shared by my friend.

image(3) image

If you want to know more, feel free to contact my friend, Laarni.

Phone: 0922 8775592

FB Handle: Laarni Almodovar


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