RIP Pana..

Babe and I are so sad today. We lost one important part of the household, our dear LCD TV that we named Pana.

We discovered that something was wrong with Pana about 3 weeks ago. It was only last week that we decided to bring her to an authorized service center in Shaw. The center was called Virex, and we were there before lunch. We had it checked and were told that they would have to open it and do some tests to see which part has to be replaced. We agreed to what was going to happen, then we asked for the price. According to the tech, the standard labor would be 2K. So ok, we asked if that was the total price. He said we will be texted the next day.

Come the next day, we did receive a text, and lo! It was a whopping P3,850. We were surprised, so surprised that we decided to have it pulled out because of the cost. They were good enough to give a discount of 500 but nevermind (sarcasm please!). So we took it and contacted a home service technician instead. We were able to talk to him, he sounded pleasant enough. Had we known that he was only pleasant, without any knowledge of the task ahead, we should have gone to a different service center.

We had scheduled the technician to come by at 3PM last Sunday. We had to leave Las Pinas at exactly 12noon to avoid any traffic. This was hard for us as we left Jop in the care of his mama lola. Since wala ngang yaya, wala din mag aalaga. I received a call from the tech as soon as we left for LP and was told na andun na daw cia sa tapat ng bahay. I told him pauwi pa lang kami, and that he will have to wait. OK daw, so we drive home and just texted him when we got there. He arrived after about 10 minutes and started to work on Pana. After a few minutes, he said he will have to buy some parts from Quiapo first and will continue later. He did leave, and left everything else as it was. The TV was left open, the screws lying there, and etc. He came back after 3 or 4 hours only to tell us that there was another part needed, and that he will have to be back on Tuesday (He said he has to buy the part first on Monday) and will be texting us to confirm the schedule. Come Monday night, we texted him, asking if he will be able to come, he replied that he won’t as there was no available part yet. That’s when we decided to just bring it to a different service center.

We went to the Gain service Center last Tuesday. When we got there, the technician asked us a few questions, and we answered him truthfully. Yes, we had it checked by someone else initially, no, it was not spilled with water, yes, it was only without power for the last 3 weeks. The technician told us some chicka about the other service center then told us to wait so that he can look into the power supply board. After about 10 minutes, he came back out, put everything back and voila! Pana was alive again. One problem though, it does not show any display, so they checked again and found a bit of corrosion on the main board. Amp talaga. So there, we were told that there were just 2 options, either the board is defective, or they could perform a few “linis”. We had agreed for them to do the necessary if it is still repairable.

Come the next day, we did a follow up call. Babe did the talking and the sad news was given to us. The board will have to be replaced, and that it will cost 13K. Sad, right? Babe decided that we will have to get a new TV instead. So now, we are looking for a humble and good soul who would lend us their credit card so that we can buy the TV on 0% interest. Yes, we will pay for the expense, and no, we will not run away from it.

Goodbye Pana! You have been so good to us. Babe really enjoyed the days when he still have his PS3, and I really did like that I co-owned a 32″ LCD TV for the first time in my life.

Buh-bye! We will surely miss you! 🙁

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