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Sooo.. It has been a long time since babe and I went on a date. Last Saturday, we went to Las Pinas for Geoff’s supposed vaccine day. When we found out that the vaccine was not available that day, we opted to visit Mama Lola instead and head out to SM Southmall to let the afternoon heat pass by.

Off strolling we went when babe and I realized that we wanted to have a bit of alone time that day. After Geoff fell asleep because of exhaustion (pagod na lang, parang exxag ung exhausted), we agreed for Mama Lola to bring Geoff home.

We decided, gusto namin manood ng movie. We headed for the cinema to check if they still have Wreck it Ralp. Malas. They no longer have it. Most of the cinemas are occupied by Breaking Dawn. Tsk. We then decided to eat. Sobrang limited na pala ngayon ng stalls sa food court. Buti na lang, mejo sulit sa Kipp’s Fried Chicken. Pwede na. That’s when babe decided na magpa massage na lang kami. Both our backs are aching like crazy as we have not had a decent rest for a couple of weeks. Too bad for us, there were very limited spas in Southmall. Buti babe remembered Nuat Thai sa kanto ng Pilar.

Hm, I think mejo iba ung logo. Not sure if they the franchise in LP is the same with QC. Heniway, here is my review:

Ambiance: It is relaxing inside. The typical zen music and mint smell. Lakas din ng aircon, so mejo malamig, pero just enough para nde naman mag chill.

Price: We opted for the swedish massage for P350. Pwede na to since 1 hour naman. Almost the same with other spas.

Service: I am kind of torn kung ok ba or hindi, or kung dahil ba mejo makakalimutin c ate. They started off with a foot rinse, which was ok. This was the part that made me go “wow ang service agad.. “. Then I was ushered to the massage room, which ate could not figure kung san ba dapat. Naka 2 ikot ata kami sa loob, before she asked me if ok lang na hindi kami magkatabi ng room ni Babe. I said ok lang. Yun pala ung reason.

Anyway, going back to the service, she had me change into shorts, and made me lie on my stomach. The massage then started. She asked if the pressure was alright, which I said yes, it was fine, hanggang sa naramdaman ko na mejo dumidiin. Sensitive pa naman ako sa massage especially with the back of my legs and thighs, mejo masakit. I did not say anything, nago-groggy na ako sa antok. When she got to my left leg, I felt chills sa kabilang legs ko, so I attempted to cover it with the towel. This was also the part when I asked to have the pressure be lighter. She obliged naman, kaso after a few minutes, dumidiin na naman.. Oh well. Baka nga nakalimutan lang. Nung nasa upper body ko na ung massage, both legs ko na ung giniginaw, nakalimutan na naman ni ate na icover ako. Hanggang sa matapos, she asked if I wanted tea or water and told me na sa lobby na lang daw. She even left me the tip envelop. I said “sige” then started to rise na. Then un, nagulat lang ako na hindi man lang nya sinara ng maayos ung curtain, leaving me exposed sa kung sino ung dadaan.

Overall Rating: I would give it a 3 of 5. Mainly because the overall feel of the place and the price is acceptable and relaxing. Hindi ko man super na-enjoy yung service ni ate, baka natyempuhan ko lang talaga. Babe mentioned na ok daw kasi ung massage nya, so there. Another point that made me give 3 stars is because I was soooo drained after. Puro tulog na ung ginawa ko. I don’t recall na ganun ako ka-antok since I forgot when, and I take it as a good thing.

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