Review: Gluta C Intense Whitening Body Scrub

When I was still single, one of my must-haves are whitening soaps. My skin complexion is fair, and I want to keep it that way. Let’s face it, most ladies want to be fair skinned. So aside from papaya and gluta soaps, I also make it a point to have body scrub sessions in nearby spas. Fast forward to the point when I got pregnant, I stopped the whitening soaps. Bawal daw kasi. Until I got used to using a regular bath soap until now.


The Gluta C Intense Whitening Body Scrub – another miracle in a small container 🙂

I discovered the Sample Room recently. This is my second try with them, and this time, I opted to try the Gluta C Intense Whitening Body Scrub. I am no virgin when using scrubs at home. I chose to stop it before because I found the salt itself irritating to my skin, however, when I tried using this scrub, there were no stinging feel, and it rinses easy too. Perfect for someone who does not have enough to take a longer bath time (pathetic excuse of a newbie mom, I know!). In addition, the price is affordable. The regular price of the same container in the picture is only Php 99.75. Not bad if you are looking for an effective whitening product. Let me also share something else.


This is my knee after about 3 uses of the scrub. This dark spot on my knee was twice as dark before usage

After I gave birth, I never really took the time in checking if my body parts regained it’s color. Sure the skin in my neck and armpits are ok-looking now, however, imagine my surprise when I noticed a really rough spot on my right knee. When I finally took notice, the skin was so dark, it really contrasted my natural color. When I wear shorts, kitang kita sya, kaasar talaga. Anyway, the photo above is a testimony that the scrub works. It’s not back to it’s natural tone, but it’s close. I can then once again flair in my shorts (LOL!).

Aside from wearing comfortable clothes as a mean of staying beautiful this summer (due to the heat), I will continue hydrating myself. This means 8 glasses or more of water and moisturizing before going to bed. I’d like to add exercise to the list, pero indoors lang. I have this bogus work schedule add up a very makulit toddler that I have to prioritize as well (excuses, excuses!). I will also add the Gluta C scrub to my grocery list to compensate my inability to afford a body scrub from a spa.

And so, to end this blog post, let me post some of my “adventures”. I will be going back to Palawan this September, this time with my hubby for our second anniversary. It will no longer be summer, but as long as there is sun and sand, there will be an opportunity for me to bring back my natural colors effortlessly. 🙂

My travels - I miss these!

My travels – I miss these!


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