Proud Momma and Poppa!

A few updates before I give the good news. First off, we are without a yaya, again. Yep, after a month and a half, umalis ulit yaya ni Geoff, this time, without any explanation, reasons and what not. She even left most of her things at home. Kainis. Panira ng plans. We laid out the rules before hand, pero, wala, ganun yata talaga. Positive vibes pa din, we are waiting for word dun sa isa na pwedeng pumalit. 🙂

Right now, Geoff’s at home with my mom. Most probably next week, sa Las Pinas muna cia. It’s sad because Geoff is currently in the phase wherein he is learning new things, discovering, and nase-set na talaga ung behavior nya. Nandito ako sa office, kasama Daddy nya, pero I am missing him already. Nai-imagine ko kung pano cia magpa-cute, magpahabol, bumungisngis and all that. Hay.

For the good news, I recall nabanggit ko from a previous post that I have been reading an uber kwelang blog by Mommy Fleur. Well, she has this feature wherein you can submit pictures of your baby with a brief description of what they are wearing. Well, I submitted Geoff’s picture. And yep, she told me last Monday that he will be featured on Wednesday, which is today! Yay!

So here it is, my baby’s “This Kid Is It” entry 🙂

Thank you soooo much, Mommy Fleur!

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