Product Review: The First Years Manual Breast Pump

As a new mom, breastfeeding is a must. There are a lot of benefits presented, namely, the antibodies that are being passed on and numerous nutrients from the mother. You can also include the fact that it helps strengthening the bond between the mother and the baby.

As my baby does not always wake up in time for feeding, I sometimes become engorged which makes it difficult for me. For one, it is really painful, and second, I am literally dripping milk. What we did was we bought this manual breast pump when I was still pregnant. As of writing, my baby is only 4 weeks old, not even 1 month. I can say that this pump works. We bought the First Years Manual Breast Pump and it worked until it broke.









Yep. Not being a month of being used and it is already broken. One of the silicone part inside was torn, making the pump unusable.  It is sad as we bought this for almost a thousand pesos. We no longer have the receipt so we can’t even return it for replacement. We never really counted on it being that quick to break.

Here is the part that I was pertaining:

As I am going back to work soon, I will need to buy a new one. I might go for a Chicco brand this time. 🙂


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