Product Review: Gong Cha Milk Tea

When we talk of cold drinks, Babe and I (well, most of the time, me) prefer Starbucks Fraps. Especially the Christmas season, because I collect stickers for the planner. Anyway, during one of our lunch breaks, we decided to try something new. We headed to the Eastwood Mall and saw a sign. I don’t have the picture, but it says, “This way to GONG CHA”. So we were, “Tara babe, try natin”.

So we went. We ordered Wintermelon Milk Tea. As is, no additional crystals or pearls or whatsoever. Guess what, we LOVED it!!! The salted cream, the yummy tea. Heaven talaga. Anyway, I only have 2 pictures of the tea. It is also quite dark, so forgive the not-so-good quality of the pictures.


Wintermelon Milktea in Large and Regular servings


Another shot, this time, with my new book included 🙂

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