I often read about women who blog about their kids having a comfort object. Whether it is a toy, a blanket, or a pacifier, it’s something that the child cannot do without. I can’t say that I am lucky that Geoff does not have one, but, he does have his favorite toy.

Presenting, Pig!


Pig is a puppet that Babe gifted me when I was his senior QA we were still friends. It came as a freebie from Dads buffet in Megamall. Back then, I had this penchant for stuffed toys and will bully charm anyone into giving me one. Given the number of stuffed toys at home (which includes a pony, Barney, Mickey Mouses, Elmos, several pigs, and a whole lot more), Pig has become his favorite and would not let go of. He usually includes Pig in his adventures outside the house, when sleeping, and even when watching his favorite Disney shows. He even reserves a spot for Pig on MY pillow.

Dear Geoff,

I am not sure if one day you will be reading through my blog. I used the term “not sure” because as a boy or man, I am sure that your attention will be focused somewhere else. But right now, I sure hope that when time comes, you will fully understand the words loyalty and faithfulness. You will eventually meet and find a girl, but let me not go there. You are still my baby boy, and I intend to keep it that way until you push me away (well, maybe, I’ll just be on the sidelines then).

The traits that you show right now with Pig is quite a development for us. It is a sign that you are finally getting the grasp of the term “importance”. Pig is an important part of your day, thus you won’t let go. Even if we are just going to the bathroom to wash your prot prot. I pray that Papa Jesus continuously guide us in order to be the best parent that you will have.

I love you my first born, my baby boy, my son. Daddy and I will work hard for you, to provide you the best that life can offer.



P.S. This cheesy post is brought to you by a boring few minutes in the office. 

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