As any ordinary person, the only piercing that I used to have are the ones on my earlobes. I got another piercing on my tongue as a birthday gift to myself a few years back. I was fortunate that the person who did it was very particular with hygiene, thus infection was never a concern for me since then.

Personally speaking, I find piercing as an art regardless of which part of your body you choose to have it. I find it a symbol of self expression and of course, since this art will be part of your body, you should know how to care for your piercing and how to accessorize it to be more suitable for your taste.

For more information on how to care for your piercing and other information about the subject itself, visit piercingforyou.com. One item that got my attention is how to clean or disinfect lip piercing in case of infection. This website is very helpful as it contains details on the type of piercing that you can have, as well as how to care for it. At least, in case I need some how to’s for my tongue pierce, I’ll have a site for reference.


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