Is always a virtue, no matter how badly you want something to be of your possession.

In our case, we only have to wait 3 more months (more like 3 years) before we can breathe a little easier. 3 more months before we can venture into more fulfilling projects. 3 more months before we can finally buy whatever we want (take note of the word “want”). 3 more months and we can focus on paying off other debts. Whew.

I now have a checklist of what I want come that day, and classified it accordingly. Of course, Geoff’s well being comes first as well as savings. We seriously have to be smart these days. Hopefully, i can get to meet one of my friends from a previous company to discuss these things. One could not be too sure of what can happen, so it really pays to be ready, no matter what.

Anyway, let me leave this post with the loves of my life.

Cutie loves!

Cutie loves!

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