Prometric Annual Dinner

The last annual dinner I attended was with Atos. I don’t remember any themes, it’s more of a casual gathering where employees will eat and drink and enjoy the entertainment they provided that night.

When I was with the first company I worked for, they will hold theme based parties. I remember getting excited because, it is the one night when you can glam up, practice your resourcefulness in getting yourself inline with the theme, and have a lot of photo opportunities. I remember attending an all white christmas, a cocktail themed, and a movie themed party.

Last Sunday (November 20), Prometric hosted the annual dinner and the theme is arabian nights. It was held in the Empire Hotel in Subang Jaya. It was my first time to be in the area, and like most hotels, the interiors were nice. There is a shopping mall at the lower level of the building and the hotel is on the Level 2.

As usual, there were a lot of picture taking activities, however, I have yet to get most of the pictures from my colleagues, so I will let some of the pictures talk for itself.


morning buddies: Niza, aedmund, syafiq


GTCS colleagues


table setting


arabian nights theme


the venue: a hotel function room

More group shots:

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These Past Few Months

I have been in a very long hiatus due to procrastination and with a lot of stuff that we had to prioritize. I wished I had more time on my hands to blog as often as I had, but recently, time is something that I am having the most challenge with in managing. Either way, a lot of things has happened, and I will try to document moments that really stood out.

The most recent is that mama momey is finally here! We have not been able to show her around much as my schedule is not allowing me to do so, BUT, we have brought her to Tesco and Giant. Knowing my mom, she loves spending time in supermarkets and she already expressed how much she likes shopping for detergents and such to bring back home. Hahaha!

Geoff’s school will have their school concert this November. My concern, he hardly participates during practice and is showing a major attitude problem. Hopefully, I can get to condition this bachungching to do what he is told so as not to spoil the experience for other kids.

I will also be moving to the morning shift soon, so hopefully, i will have more time in my hands. The only downside is that I will not be able to see Geoff off when he goes to school. Other than that, more time for the family, so it’s not bad at all.


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Checking In


Yes, I am back, just stuck with a routine that is currently making my head spin and my world turned upside down.

First off, there is work. Yes, I am back in the corporate world, and the schedule, the commute, the training and everything else, is coinciding with the tasks that I should be doing as a mom and wife. Yes, everything is so exciting right now, that I am super stressed out. After being out of work for a year, this will definitely need some getting used to.


Yeehees! Nope, no picture on the ID yet. Just a regular access card.

Second, I have blogged about Geoff’s birthday celebration. As a family, we just went out to eat and finally replaced his broken tablet (he has been using mine for the last few months). Then he celebrated at school. Just the normal cake eating during break time and singing of the happy birthday song by his classmates. He received a gift from one of his classmates whose mom is a Filipino (how sweet!)


Loot bag for his classmates


the birthday celebrant


his teachers


Geoff cutting his cake


we also promised him a red velvet cake. he was not disappointed


See? lol

Finding the Brick and Mortar Location for Your Local Parts and Supply Dealer

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My idea of a relaxing room. Bright, airy, with lots of books. And a reading nook to boot. Photo credits:

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Geoff the School Boy

At age 3, Geoff is at his curious, restless and awkward stage. Curious about a lot of things, he often asks “what’s this, what’s that?”. Restless because he knows his alphabet and numbers but refuses the next step if it was me who teaches him; And awkward because he spent his 3 years without a playmate, thus, he does not know how to interact (make friends) with other kids his age.

When we came to Malaysia, one of the things that me and Babe made sure of is that he will start school before his 4th birthday. True enough, through a recommendation of a Filipino acquaintance, we enrolled him at a Smart Reader Kids center.

Tuition is affordable, and based on the developments we see from Geoff so far, I think his progressing quite well. Our goals are the following:

  1. For Geoff to learn how to read. He has a lot of books at home, and I would really love to raise a good reader if not a bookworm. He is showing interests in his storybooks, so the best way to go about it is for him to learn how to read.
  2. To be sociable. Since Geoff is an only child, he does not have any regular playmates at home. He is reluctant to make friends when at the playground because he does not know how. Socializing and having classmates as part of his routine will help him break his shell.
  3. To satisfy Geoff’s curious mind with the discipline coming from a real teacher. He loves doing worksheets. He loves it when we do activities at home, but in all honesty, it brings out the beast in me all because he thinks he can do away with everything. Discipline with a parent is one thing, discipline coming from a teacher is another.

School uniform fitting. He loves his uniform because it’s red!


Busy painting his flower art


Snack time!


They were blowing paint through straws


With his apron. For some reason, this is the same photo they used for the school tree. Handsome though he is not smiling


Snacks vary from sandwiches to cereal to pasta


Tracing exercise. That is his teacher in the background


Another artwork


They are also taught the Bahasa Malaysia language


Browsing through some of his exercise books.

As of today, Geoff already advanced to learning the suku kata, or the abakada equivalent in the Philippines. It is still a work in progress but I am positive that he will be able to read by the end of this year. He is getting better at tracing, his handle with the pencil and crayons is improving. He is also now able to write his name on his own, and the letters and numbers with ease. Slowly, we are also working on his logic skills, with me giving lesser instructions compared to before he started school.

It is only February, and I am looking forward to December, when his preschool year ends. ūüôā

Great Big Sale On This Flowy And Chic Pink Off Shoulder Dress!

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ÒPink ÒPink ÒPink

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Feeling Sexy And Free Wearing This Red Chiffon Dress!

When I was in my last term of college, me and some of my friends would often browse the shops in the mall to drool over dresses that we could wear for the graduation. I say drool because there were a lot of to choose from but for me, there were 2 problems. The budget and the fit. You see, even when I was a lot thinner back then, the size of the dresses were usually made for stick thin girls (pardon the comparison). In addition, a dress would also cost PHP 900 and above. An amount I never had the guts to ask my mom about since this was a lot of money!

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