Out Sick

Just got back from a weekend. Was sick since Saturday and was even too sick to go to work yesterday. Thought I was well enough today, unfortunately, I thought wrong. Anyway, here are my activities these past few days (or weeks?!):

1. Got my credit card.

2. Co-planned something for our second wedding anniversary.

3. Bought myself a new pair of flats (I have no picture yet. Will upload soon).

4. Finally got a permit from the local parish as a requirement for Geoff’s baptismal.

5. Got myself stressed over something financial and family.

6. Bought our household (me, in particular) a new ceramic pan. I’m still waiting for the delivery, though.

7. Brought the virus into our household, and now, my baby has cough.

Would really like to add more, but, reports day today. So there.

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