Online Deals – Hot or Not

My first online purchases before were a nightmare. I bought a computer unit and found an online seller who turned out to be a fraud. That experience made me throw 6k worth of hard earned money, however, that did not stop me from doing another purchase, thinking that it might just be a coincidence. The second time, I bought a bluetooth dongle. Guess what, this was another waste as well. It was never recognized by the computer, thus, turned out to be a worthless piece of junk. Oh well.

After those incidents, I no longer bothered with online purchases, until recently. I discovered Ensogo, Sample Room, and Cash Cash Pinoy. I also discovered some trust worthy sellers from Multiply. From food merchandises to services to toys and books and even beauty products. I am starting to have a love and hate relationship with them now (haha). Love them that they really delivered, and at the same time hate them as I am literally fighting myself with the urge to buy and spend (oh my!). Here are some of the purchases that we I did:

From Ensogo:

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

Nuath Thai Body Scrub and Massage

Nuat Thai Body Scrub and Massage

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

First Ever Ceramic Pan

First Ever Ceramic Pan

From Cash Cash Pinoy:


One of the best gifts for Geoff

From Sample Room:

Celeteque Sun Care Skin Relief After Sun Gel

Celeteque Sun Care Skin Relief After Sun Gel


Gluta C Intense Whitening Scrub

From Surprises Out of Boxes from Multiply:

Grimms Fairy Tale

ABC book by Dr, Seuss

(will upload the photo soon)

Again, all of the things I bought are worth it. I am currently signed up with the sites I mentioned and am seeing a lot of good deals. Too bad, I don’t always have that much cash to spend. I highly recommend these sites, as they have good customer service as well.

P.S. I am not in any way connected nor paid, I just thought of sharing my thoughts about the purchases I did.



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