One Piece

I am not sure when I got hooked, but it was one of my best friends who started the One Piece craze.

Back in college, my friends will usually go gaga over some characters that I am not familiar with, and at the same time, talk about who was cuter, more handsome over the other.

Fast forward to a few years later, I now have half of my 1TB drive occupied by this anime called One Piece. One Piece is a story of a young man in quest for the treasure called One Piece (duh!). And of course, in order to fulfill that, he assembled a crew of kick ass characters while they sail the ocean. They get to meet interesting characters and strong opponents. I guess, what made me drawn to the series is because of the underlying value of friendship, character, trust, and loyalty.

I enjoyed the series so much that I had a few items at home, and sort of injected the One Piece theme into my son’s first birthday!


My favorite character is Zoro. He is the second in command and is the swordsman of the bunch. Character wise, he is very bad at directions, simple minded like Luffy, but is very loyal and faithful to his captain. His traits are very realistic for me, which is why I picked him as my favorite.

Let me just do a quick run through with the crew of the best pirate ship of all; Luffy – the captain, a devil fruit user (rubber), naive, simple minded; Nami – the navigator, a thief, uses an advance weapon called the Climatact; Usopp – the sniper, a captain wannabe and a liar, he also developed his own weapon called Kabuto; Sanji – the cook, woman lover, and fights with his legs; Chopper – the ship’s doctor, a devil fruit user (Zoan type, part reindeer part human), and can talk to animals; Franky – the shipwright, a cyborg and is technologically advanced; Robin – the historian, the most sensible person in the crew, a devil fruit user (flowers); Brooke – the musician, a skeleton, a pervert, and a devil fruit user (revive fruit).

Anyway, there is a wikipedia page for the said anime and manga, just so you will know where to get more information about it,


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