One of the Missions, Accomplished

Today, we were able to book the church where Geoff will be baptized. Yes, the baby boy will be turning 1 this coming March and we will be celebrating his baptismal as well. I have made several checklists (yes, checklists. It’s that many), so that I would know the things that needs to be accomplished. Let me include it on this blog as well.

1. Find a church and reserve it for baptismal. – DONE

2. Find a venue for the reception and birthday party. – DONE

3. Complete the requirements needed for the baptismal. Photocopy of the birth certificate, marriage contract, and the permit from the parish we belong to. – DONE

4. Pay the church fee.  – DONE

5. Prepare the lootbag contents and incorporate the One Piece theme. – DONE, no One Piece theme 🙁

6. Buy additional goodies for the lootbags.

7. Think and inquire about the souvenirs for the sponsors. – DONE

8. Babe to finish the invitation and souvenir format. – DONE

9. Brainstorm with Yayan re: invitations and buy the materials.

10. Make the invitations and send it ASAP. – DONE. Thanks Yayan

11. Create a design for the cake and order the cupcakes. – DONE

12. Finish the cake topper designs and have it printed out.

13. Pay for the venue and inquire about the balloons. – DONE. DP was paid, the rest after the party na. They also have baloons!

Hoping to accomplish most that does not involve money. Haha!

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