One More Month Before I Turn One!

Hi! My name is Geoff. I am my mommy and daddy’s sutil baby boy. I just turned 11 months today. I started the day as I usually do. Wake up at around 6 – 6:30AM, play, thrash about in the bed, crawl over mommy’s face, talk gibberish and smile a lot. As mommy is not able to get up really early, I had to play with Ate Jona first. She does not talk a lot but she always laughs at my bloopers. Oh, and I had to live up to Choi’s brushes. It’s a bit weird, but I like Choi and her baby.

Mommy finally got up at around 8 AM. She played with me and got me every time I start to cry because I want her to carry me. I knew she was supposed to go some where and that she had to leave early, but I was just sooo irresistible, that she was only able to leave when I was not looking.

Anyway, mommy came back eventually and it was daddy’s turn to go. I have no idea what they were up to. I just finished taking a bath and when daddy returned, I was so happy. Then, he and mommy was searching for something. They said it was a candle. A candle for the cake they bought for me! I was so happy. Just look at my face!


I love my cake and the candle. Is that what you call a birthday candle?


Yum! I get to have first taste!


My mommy said I am so gwapo. I will be breaking hearts one day ­čśë

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