one moment in time

people may find my likes of music weird. i can’t help it. i could go for pop one time then shift to something old, then to rock, then country.

just this other day, i had this sudden urge to listen to KORN. somehow i found their music comforting that day. as if no one could bother me, no one dares come near me just because of the sheer fun of it. i downloaded their music and it seems like i got all their albums. i liked the unplugged version of freak on a leash best. the raw versions, i liked just as much – kasi nga feeling ko invincible ako, astig, at tipong alang gagalaw sakin.. (just like the time when i set “halik ni hudas and natutulog kong mundo in a repeat forever mode haha!)

at the moment, im trying to internalize whitney houston music. she’s a great singer and i am glad that she is now back. one moment in time, saving all my love, almost all of her songs became a hit. no wonder i’m hooked.

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