One Fine Afternoon

It’s payday, and we were looking forward to our trip this coming saturday. The mountaineering group that I belong to organized a training climb in Mt. Cristobal. We will be doing the traverse, which would mean, that it is going to be a major climb. My baby’s first major climb. My first without Sir Karl or Ton or Bampi around.
So we went out and ended up in The Fort to check R.O.X out. We were so excited to see the Deuter bags that they should have stocks with. Unfortunately, there are no shipments yet, and the bag that we wanted to see were so big, i might be able to fit inside.
We lucked out on the stove instead. The snow peak stoves were on sale, costing us 1K each. We bought 2 since I will be taking it back to jani. We lost his stove during the Gulugod Baboy trek and i am still feeling guilty about it.
We ate afterwards in TOSH. Trivia: Did you know that TOSH stands for The Old Spaghettu House? Wala lang. First time ko kase kumain dun and it was one of Jeff’s favorites. Har har!
After realizing that we were both tired, sleepless, and that we are to come in at 8PM for our regular shift, we decided to go home. I got to sleep on the way back and he might have done the same too. So ngayon, parehong puyat and antok, but happy. First time ko ulit lumakad sa labas doing the HHWWPSSP thing.. hahahaha!
I am happy, and content. Sometimes thinking that there could be a catch and at the same time trusting that there isn’t one. I have got to stop overthinking. After all, we have all the time in the world, and at the rate we are going, I really, really, and positively think that this will last.
BTW, he is scheduled to meet my mom the week after our Cristobal climb. Can’t wait! 🙂

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