I had my free ultrasound done last Saturday at The Medical City. This was one of the routine  laboratories needed in order to ensure that Baby Geoff is going to be fine.

Like most common routines, a simple ultrasound took us about 4 hours and 80 pesos worth of parking fee. Not to mention we got so hungry, we spent our movie budget on a couple of Mcdonalds meal (this was the cheapest place to eat if you are to stay in TMC).

And so, we had the procedure done. Bad trip kasi Babe was supposed to go with me during the procedure. Ang nangyari, nde ginawa ng OB Sono on duty un. They initially informed me that they will call Babe after to explain kung ano ung findings. What happened was, the OB Sono hardly ever talked to me, she just referred to the resident most of the time.

According to the result, as read by my OB (Doc Cecil), I have the condition called Oligohydramnios. In layman’s term, my amniotic fluid is lower than the normal count. I searched for it online, and according to most post, it is a condition wherein the fluid is lower than normal, and for full term mommies like me, it could mean an induced or forced labor, which is probably what I am avoiding from the very start. It can still be fixed, though, by drinking lots (and I mean LOTS) of water, preferably 3 to 4 liters per day.

I was able to accomplish that, and a repeat ultrasound will happen tomorrow. I already asked permission from my team lead so I can go, and hopefully, everything will turn out fine.

2 thoughts on “Oligohydramnios

  1. Myet

    ‘ey, jlao, u’re almost due. he’s soon to come out. take care. good it’s only oligohydramnios. u’ll get over it, don’t worry. just get urself ready. induced labor could be very painful…

    1. meeyeow Post author

      honga eh.. mejo kabado, first time kase.. kahit feeling lunod ako sa 4 liters, go lang. Everything para wag na ma-induce and maging mas ok c baby.. hi to cutie miel and kuya yen. 🙂


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