No To Violence!

I have been seeing a lot of violent acts in TV nowadays. From well known personalities to normal people, it is all over the news. Makes me wonder, why would people go to such lengths in hurting another. What, do they get a kick out of that kind of act? Do they not care at all? Do they get money or fame out of it? Wala lang. Parang ang pointless lang.

According to the studies daw (daw, because I haven’t seen it myself, nor read about it), hindi naman daw nabago masyado yung statistics about violent acts committed by people compared to long ago. It just happened that people are more aware now because of the availability of news. The Internet was not that widely used before, and satellite broadcasting could only do so much then. So compared to now, people are more prone to learn about most of what is happening everywhere.

I guess, it really bothers me that there are more reported violence against kids lately. Just the other day, I watched the news for the first time in weeks (schedule conflicts), and saw a clip about an infant stuck in a drainage pipe in China. You can read about the follow up news here. Apparently, the mother was young and confused, however, I don’t really buy her reason. The reason specified on the report was that the baby slipped and fell in the toilet, thus got stuck in the drain. Nakakagalit kung tutuusin, but I also have to weigh yung ibang reasons. Inexperience, poverty, lack of knowledge, and what have you. Baka me rason lang talaga, even if wala na sa standard moral norms. Again, nakakalungkot and nakakagalit.

Happy weekend!

Happy weekend!

Anyway, I might be spreading too much negativity. Let me leave this post with something that I am always looking forward to seeing every single day.

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