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Whenever we visit Babe’s siblings, or my mom, Geoff usually gets overexcited. It will probably take him a few minutes before warming up to his Titas, Tito, and cousins, nevertheless, once they get him going, this toddler will not stop. He walks and crawls everywhere. He checks out every displays on Ate Jen’s home. We will beg for “gantils” until he tires himself out. We are perfectly fine with this, however, we noticed that when he finally gets the rest he deserves, he wakes up in a crying fit. We did a bit of research to see if it is normal. It turns out that what he was having what they call night terrors.

Night terrors, according to Kid’s Healthis a sleep disruption that seems similar to a nightmare, but with a far more dramatic presentation. Though night terrors can be alarming for parents who witness them, they’re not usually cause for concern or a sign of a deeper medical issue. In my understanding, this is normal, no matter how disturbing this may be. When this happened to Geoff for the first time, we all panicked, thinking that something may have happened. You know, the usual thoughts of nightmare, insect bite, any unseen pain. He only calmed down after I came to get him, talked softly, sang to him, and lulled him to sleep. He even refused to go back to sleep without me beside him as well.

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On a deeper discussion, the article also states that it usually happens during the transition from one sleep phase to another, just like a cross between a nightmare and not a nightmare (what? hehe..) They say that this happens after about 2-3 hours of sleep, when the sleep changes from a deep slumber to a lighter stage of sleep. For Geoff, what usually happens is that he will suddenly wake, scream, and cry with tears. He also scrambles over to me, wanting to be comforted. This type of behavior according to articles on the net is common, and usually, toddlers, or even children will not memories of what happened when they wake up. To add up, most of the time, they are not awake when these occurs.

What websites suggest as a cure is to ensure that the child get as much sleep. Overtired children are most likely to experience night terrors. Also, it is also best to have a “calm” moment before bedtime. We haven’t had a chance to try any of the suggestions yet as we have not visited our families yet, hopefully this weekend.

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