New Hobby: Baking

On my previous post, I mentioned that I am now a proud owner of an oven. I wish I am the type who would name my stuff, kaya lang, parang mas masaya if I’ll pertain to them as MY stuff (lol!). So anyway, I have been quite lazy in posting my creations lately and I would say, that out of the 6 baked desserts I have created, 4 of them were a success.

Because of those hits and misses, let me just share a few things that I have learned along the way.

1. Always make sure that supplies are ample for the planned recipe. In my case, I tried making chocolate chip cookies. I knew I was short on butter but I also knew that there was a nearby grocery. My mistake was that I trusted too much that the grocery would have it. Too bad, they didn’t and I ended up with a batch with less butter than what the recipe called for. Epic fail tuloy.


2. Review the recipe beforehand, and understand it well. When I tried creating a brazo de mercedes, the recipe said I will be needing a merengue, without checking if the procedure was already on the same page. I used a different peocedure for the merengue. The result, the merengue fell. I did not achieve the soft peaks I was supposed to have. Buti na lang, mejo kasing sarap pa din naman.



3. Measurements are there for a reason. Bawal mag assume ng sariling sukat. The choco chip cookies failed because I was short on butter. In addition, one blog that I read before is that baking is an exact science.

4. Preheating the oven to the correct temperature and right time is also important. It was recent that I learned that the oven has to be preheated for at least 8 minutes. Sa lahat kasi ng na-bake ko na, as long as I feel that the oven is hot enough, sinasalang ko na yung materials.

5. Get the ingredients ready, both dry and liquid. It’s quite hard to put together everything if it’s not ready yet. Dapat within reach lahat to save you the time and effort, especially when the instructions call for you to do things simultaneously.

For now, ito muna. With a lot of things happening lately at home, this post should have been published one week ago. I admit, I want to be able to do great things through baking because I know deep inside, I haven’t figured out yet, what my true calling is (except for being a mom and wife to my boys). So hopefully, all will go well. Mental note to self, I have to work on my photography and design skills to take picture perfect photos of my creation.

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