New Find: Manang’s Chicken

Last weekend, we stayed at home the whole Sunday, We have no agenda, however, the light bulb in our bedroom broke, and the kitchen sink was clogged so we were forced to move our butts and buy the necessities.

We decided to go to Puregold in Cainta Junction. We initially thought of Rublou but were hesitant because 1) It was an “extra” branch, meaning, they might not be selling light bulbs or pumps 2) It was almost 8:30 PM, almost closing time. Having said those reasons, off we went to ride a jeep going to Junction.

This Puregold branch is fairly new. It has a wide parking area, and most of the stalls outside the grocery are still unoccupied. Inside is spacious, though we did not linger much as we focused on what we needed to buy. Not finding what we were looking for, we walked outside and found a small hardware store. There’s not much of a variety, I think it was hoping for a sports good/ hardware look. We got our small pump, and bulb and paid up.

I asked Babe if we can grab something to eat. Though I am not hungry, I was pretty curious of how Manang’s Chicken will fair. I became familiar with the name while I was checking some tweets previously, plus, their signage is actually big, so it’s not hard to miss.

I ordered the Wings and Chips Meal (P74) and it comes with a regular drink. Babe got the Crispy Chicken Sandwich Meal (P79) again, with drinks. I like the chips and the chicken’s flavor. It was a welcome change from your regular fried chicken. It was crispy and you have the option to choose the sauce from 3 variants, regular, sweet and spicy, or spicy (I chose the sweet and spicy). The chips were crispy, though the meal that I got does not include the dip, so it was kind of bland, pwede siguro if I add a dash of salt. As for the chicken sandwich, the chicken fillet was thick and filling, however, Babe found it a bit overpriced because the bread used was the same as your normal pandesal. Taste-wise, it was also good and his serving of chips came with a garlic mayo dip (your choices are garlic mayo, creamy cheese, and spicy ketchup). I am guessing that the chips should always be eaten with the dip, thus it would be better if all meals come with it (haha!)



Side kwento: As we are placing our order, the crew behind the counter was sort of amusing.

Me: I’ll have the BB3 meal, wings and chips

Ate: Ano po flavor ng chicken? Merong regular, sweet and spicy, and spicy

Me: Cge, Sweet and spicy.

Ate: Ano po yung drinks nila? Lemonade, iced tea, or coke products?

Me: Lemonade

Babe; Ako, isang crispy chicken sandwich meal

Ate: Ano po flavor ng chicken? Merong regular, sweet and spicy, and spicy

Babe: Yung sweet and spicy na din.

Ate: Yung dip po sir, meron kaming garlic mayo, creamy cheese, and spicy ketchup

Babe: Ah, yung garlic mayo

Ate: Ano po yung drinks nila? Lemonade, iced tea, or coke products?

Babe: Iced tea

Me: While laughing. Daming choices!

While waiting for our orders, we noticed their red velvet sundae. I asked Babe to order one so that we can try.

Ate: Serve na po ba now na? or later na lang po?

Wagi. Talk about being specific. I personally like it, though I find it too tiring for her if there would be a lot of people on queue (hehe).

As for the red velvet sundae, it was yummy! The velvet cake at the bottom and the ice cream on top complimented each other. It was not too sweet nor bland. The soft served ice cream was frozen as it should be. The verdict, I took one of their flyers so that in case we need a fix and I feel lazy to cook, we can order instead.


Manang’s Chicken, Puregold Cainta

(02) 661-1111


Twitter: manangschicken


Note: This is not a sponsored post

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