New Beginnings

As the title goes, a lot of new beginnings are bound to happen to me in a span of a few weeks. It is both happy and sad, and some might say worrisome, and a not so wise move.

This month will be the end of a 7 year employment to what I call my first home. I have come to the point wherein the people around me is not enough to compensate for the things I find faulty. They have been my second family, as I have spent most of my time with them. Heck, I even spent more of my time with them than with my family and friends outside my work. Bittersweet memories indeed.

This month will also be the start of my new life. Ending my employment is such a bold move, given my condition and I would be honest to say that there were a lot of times when I wanted to take back my paper and wait for baby Gabe to come out before leaving my post. Of course, there should be no turning back, what’s done is done. As terrifying it may seem leaving my comfort zone, I need to get back on my feet and do something different. A new job will be a part of my new life.

Another new will be my status (yay!). In a matter of a week or two, I am bound (?) to marry my best friend, my confidante, my soon to be ex-boyfriend, and the future dad of my soon to be kids. Life is exciting indeed.

I am thinking of writing something commemorative, something to remember my friends, the management, my previous bosses, my old company (with pictures, of course), just so to remember them by. Maybe I’ll start during my vacation, after the wedding, and while I am looking for new employment. 🙂

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