Never Again

That will be the last time that you will order me around. I can understand that you are upset because of all the bullshit that is happening to you right now, but i will never understand why it will be my fault for making it happen. I made my point, yes, and that person deserves it.

Too bad. I was beginning to think that you changed for the better. Looks like it was the otherwise. What they call “circumstances change, but the people doesn’t” is true. You are the same cut from the old shell that was from before. You don’t care if someone was treated badly, wag lang mapahiya.

The deleted post will definitely find its way back to this blog. Being a nice person that i am, I’ll just wait for the right time. Never again will i be made as if to feel like trash just because I made a decision to expose someone who thought and made me a fool. Never again will i trust someone who would play me as if i am the same naive person from before.

As they constantly say in facebook, when I’m good, I’m very good. But when I’m bad, I’m even better. The fates is playing their part, and I will ride along and enjoy the view as it goes.

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