My Ceramic Pan is Here!

I think I was able to blog that we recently purchased a ceramic pan from Ensogo. It came via delivery today and I am so excited to use it. I got interested with this kind of pan ever since that darn Home TV Shopping channel.


On that episode, they were showcasing this wonderful pan. This pan, you need not wash as since it is ceramic, anything could just be wiped clean by a cloth or tissue. In addition, there is no need to add oil, which means, it is considered non stick!

This morning, I went ahead to “test” the ceramic pan. I made pancakes! Usually, I would have to put additional butter to the pan to make sure that it won’t stick. This would mean that the added butter would burn and usually stick to either the bottom or the sides of the pan. This time, that did not happen. The butter burned all right, but, it easily glided from all parts of the pan. Galing. I was able to cook sinangag and heated the veggies from yesterday’s menu.

If there was one thing that I didn’t like about it is that it really gets hot. I am thinking that it may be because it was more compatible for induction cooker. The tip of the utensil I used sort of melted. It comes off the pan, but that alone can be dangerous if not noticed.

2 thoughts on “My Ceramic Pan is Here!

  1. Aj

    Hi thanks for doing this blog about ceramic pans…i was thinking of buying ceramic pans coz the teflon non stick ones are not that good…i just need to ask of you the brand of the ceramic pan you it cerafit? Teflan?


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