Mumblings and Rants

We will be having our team christmas party later in the evening. Hassle kasi I am currently working on the morning shift, and Jeff won’t come in to work until 4PM. This would only mean that I have to come back to office by 6PM, and stay until 1AM para sabay kami ni Babe pauwi. Right now, I really think I need plenty of sleep. Yung tipong 1 day’s worth of uninterrupted sleep. Wala lang. Just ranting because I miss sleeping beside my babe.

Anyway, I will have to find time to do the following:

1. Start with my scrapbook project.

2. Buy gifts for a few persons I have on my list.

3. Research about the paid opportunities on the web and about nuffnang.

4. Call BPI about the save up account.

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