Mt. Arayat Dayhike

i attended Ton’s baby’s christening two Saturdays ago. The idea of a dayhike came from this gathering where the original plan was to do an overnight swimming afterwards. well, the overnight swim was canceled but not the dayhike. so we went to pampanga but met at sir pik’s house at around 12am that day. we arrived at nanay ruby’s house at around 7am to eat breakfast and started our trek at around 8am.

about to register

on our way up

serious mode

the view from the summit: white rock (?)


the view from the summit: bitukang manok river (wala lang, narinig ko lang)

some pictures with the rest of the group


going back: me in action.. haha!

And so they say that hiking is not for the weak and faint hearted. This is true. I knew that from the first time I experienced the hardships of climbing a mountain. Perserverance, discipline, respect and trust for others are some of the traits that one should have. Ako, I still consider myself weak and faint hearted. A lot of times, I think of giving up, kaya lang lagi na lang, pumapasok ung realization kapag nasa gitna na ako. Might as well enjoy the view on the way to the top. mahirap, madumi, and most of all, nakakakaba. Kaya ba ng katawan ko, kinakaya naman. Iba kasi ung satisfaction na mararamdaman kapag nandun na sa taas. magandang view, and most of all, yung luwag sa dibdib na tipong “shit, kaya ko pala!”

“Kaya ko to, i am so proud of myself” – mantra ni babing 🙂

photos courtesy of mark estrella 🙂

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