Mrs. Jefferson Perez

New beginnings indeed.

September 18, 2011 – The day started out normal as it is. Breakfast in the morning, the usual rush to the bathroom, preparation of things, feeding our babies. What a day it was. 🙂
We first drove to Iko’s to fetch our cake. This is the second visit to the said place and guess what? We got lost – again. Luckily, we made good time, with the day being Sunday. As we were nearing the place where our wedding is to take place, we remembered something important. We forgot our marriage license!
So there, we had to quickly drop off the goodies as Ate and company arrived to pretty up the place. We explained what happened, they understood, and we left in a hurry to get the documents. We also realized that we forgot the bible, his socks, and that i have yet to fix my hair.
While i was having my hair done, he went home to get the things we needed. I had to do my make up and dress while in the car. Good thing I am sooo resourceful (haha!). We got there a few minutes after 3PM, whereas the time we set was 3PM sharp. Talk about being late. But hey, it is OUR wedding day 🙂
A quick rundown of events, my mom and brother were late. The reverend was in a hurry, literally. Kelangan pang habulin ni babe ung sinasabi nya para ulitin ung vows whatever. To make the long story short, it was not the solemn wedding that everyone was expecting. It turned out to be a comic wedding after all.
And so, we are husband and wife, vowed to love each other forever, not letting anyone come between us, with our parents, friends, and loved ones to witness our special day. 🙂

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  1. babing

    nagcomment ka pala chunli.. akyat tayo paglabas ni gabe.. sobrang miss ko na kayo.. magcarbonara party ulet tayo pag me budget na 🙂


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