mountaineering club

we recently had these clubs at the office. i joined mountaineering and photography. i am excited about the mountaineering club because they gave us a brief preview of what to expect. here they are..

1. travel to exciting places.
i like this part because i am what you guys would call “pagat sa gala”. i rarely go out and as they promised, we would climb mt. maculot in batangas first. then camarines sur, then mindoro. such promise of adventure!

2. i get to meet new people
as there were very few of us during the so- called general assembly, i was given the impression that a lot of other members were missing. some were still taking in calls, and some were in a meeting. these are people who are very different from each other and it would be interesting to mingle and meet them all.

3. pictures, pictures, and more pictures
ciempre, since this is gala galore, i expect to put my camera to good use. new places, new view, new me? hehe.. wala lang, may masabi lang

4. the promise of losing a few pounds
mountain climbing and/ or hiking involves a lot of physical work. i should lose weight in doing so, and since losing weight is my initial objective why i took boxing, then i’m all for the well being of my health and figure.. haha!

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