Today, I received a comment from one of my blog posts. I really have no intention of answering back thinking that it may be some sort of spam. However, as I read the message again, it made me realize that there is no harm in trying to reply to an email. If I run into a spam, surely, there would be a way to revert it, otherwise, it may be a chance to help out.

So I wrote a very casual response and was quite surprised to receive a reply within the day. The email came from Heather, a survivor of a disease called Mesothelioma. I have no idea what it was, but then, she provided a brief description of what it was, who she is, and how we can help.


This is Heather and her lovely family. She was only given 15 months to live, yet, here she is ūüôā

To share, Mesothelioma is a cancer that is caused by asbestos exposure. Asbestos is a mineral usually or sometimes found in construction materials such as shingles, vinyl tiles, roofing, walls, and the likes. In general, if the material where this is found is in good condition, there is no risk of inhalation, however, inhalation of this mineral fiber would cause the materials to be embedded to the linings of our lungs, leading to scar tissue formation in the lungs or Asbestosis/Mesothelioma. Based from the website she shared, the people who are at high risk of getting this disease are usually in industries such as shipbuilding, power plants, and other industrial settings.

As I write, Heather asked if I can share the information to whoever is willing to read or to listen as being aware of the risks can be helpful in saving lives. Let me share the site where you can find more information about the disease, what can be done, who you can turn to for help, and of course, how you can help.

or read Heather’s story here:

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