meaning daw!

i recently posted a design for my upcoming tattoo. surprisingly enough, may nag-comment.. hehe.. here are my thoughts kung bakit un ung napili ko:

it’s not just the skull, it’s more of a pirate logo. pirates kasi are free. they can do anything, good or bad. walang pretentions, walang pakialam sa iba. they can do anything without thinking of the consequences. kung, maiisip man, walang sisihan. it’s the choices that they made, they have to live with and by it.

as for the pirate logo itself, addict ako sa one piece. believe it or not, the said anime has a lot of good values and morals in it. it reminds us everytime that there is a kid inside and once in a while we have to let go and be ourselves.

ung tribal, eto ung for design purposes lang. corny naman kasi kung ung pirate logo lang.. hehe.. kelangan may art kasi sa lower back cia ilalagay.

cguro nga, i’m pushing myself too far, having a second tattoo, and ehem.. i have committed a lot of things that i can’t really consider something to be proud of. kung meron man, un ay dahil masaya ako. i guess the time really came to be selfish. bahala na.. 🙂

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