Me Time

I normally wake up at around 9 AM but lately, I have been waking up late, and I meant that as an everyday occurrence.┬áMaybe I am just too tired, or maybe it’s the weather. Or both (haha!). With the baby literally bouncing off me for 2 straight days now, it was kind of a shock that I can still manage to sleep right after. And it’s making me pretty guilty about the time it took me sleeping rather than spending time with him.

Today was no exception. I got up later than the usual and was contemplating on going back to bed, but realized that we don’t have anything on the fridge. Off I went to the nearest market and got our fresh produce-stocks replenished. Off topic: I only allot 1k to 1.5k for our market budget that should last us the next 15 days, with 3 adults and a toddler to feed. I know this sounds measly, pero, times are tough nowadays. So, before pa lumayo ng husto ang train of thoughts ko, let me share what I did today for me time.

I find going to the market and groceries therapeutic, so even if I was alone that day, and that the purchases were heavy (meat and veggies ito!), ok lang. I even made it a point to visit the salon so that my feet will get their well deserved pedicure. Pedicure lang kasi I don’t have the budget to have the manicure as well. It has been months since my feet got the attention they needed and I was more than happy to oblige. My feet felt cleansed and relieved of whatever they found (jungle of dead skin cells.. haha!) kahit na standard pedicure lang yung pinagawa ko. Obviously, that 30 minutes of me time was pure bliss!

As a resolution, I’ll make it a point to have at least a pedicure every payday. Isisingit ko na lang yang P100 na yan. And once ok na yung finances, I’ll visit a dermatologist na din, to have my skin checked. My face has been breaking out for a few months or so, and it would really make my day once that day come. I vow to have this balik-ganda project ASAP. And the diet din pala (heehee!)

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