Makiling Traverse

Last april, me and my group, the Piknikers went to Makiling and did a traverse dayhike. It was a fun, tiring, and fulfilling trip which would either make you give up or continue with the journey. I chose the latter and as Sir Pik mentioned, it was the emotional fulfillment that would matter most.

I again overcame my fear of fatigue in the middle of nowhere, tested my patience, and my group, no, more like my family were there to support and guide me all the way. Love you guys.

Here are some of the photos as i will be adding more later:

Group shot sa bus:

A signage on our way to peak 3, i think. this was before we took our lunch break:

Hm, matarik din pala ung ibang akyatan, kaya ko to.. YOSH!

What do you know, kaya naman pala..

Yay! made it, pero wasted na. 🙂

A view from Makiling,

And another.

With Bampy, together with Liriox and Lanie. Mejo makipot ung daan,

Pahinga lang sandali. Mga cuties ng piknikers. 🙂

Group shot. Single pa ako dito 🙂

Isa pa habang pahinga. I think this was after the palanggana..

Malapit na daw.. the never ending 45minutes to go..

After 10 million years, narating din namen ang Agila Base. But wait, there’s more! Malayo pa pala yan.. Haha!

Finally, a store.. nakapagpahinga momentarily.. Again, malayo pa to sa place na pwede mag wash up.. Pero, nakangiti na ako 🙂

Mga taong putik.. In fairness, mukha lang pagod, pero mukha pa din malinis.. hehe! Or maybe because katabi ko c Tonton.. 🙂

It was such a fun climb. Gusto ko umulit, pero wag muna ke Makiling.. I will come back, cguro pag mas malakas na ako. 🙂

Proud to be in a group who really cares for you. Regardless of how difficult the road to success is.

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