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January 19 was Pico de Loro day. My first dayhike since I got pregnant. Did you know? This was also my first day hike ever.

I decided to go back to hiking for health reasons. I have constantly gained weight since I started back to work. I pounds I lost found their way back to my body because I was irresponsible in terms of eating and I chose not to exercise. Going back, hiking was one of the means that I thought of in losing weight. As you know, I always loved hiking, and was doing it for 2 years when I was still single. I started late 2009, and made it a regular routine for 2010. I enjoyed it more on 2011 as I already have a steady climb mate with babe with me.


This was me back in 2010. I stood on the same summit (?) in Pico de Loro

We planned for the day Piknikers style. We had to have a headlamp, extra clothes, trail food, packed lunch, and ample water supply. For logistics, we had to pay for extra as we had to take a cab. Initially, I was worried about the IT that was prepared, but we made good time as the traffic was really fast and we got there early.

For the climb itself, I was glad that not much has changed with the terrain. Pico de Loro also has these trail signs making it easier for mountaineers to find their way towards the peak. The trail still has the same steep ascent and the rocks (oh the million rocks) which made it really exhausting.

We started the trek at around 7AM (told you, we got there early. This was after leaving the office at 5AM). I found it easy enough, however, as we got deeper through the mountain, mas humihirap. Maybe because I am tired, pwede din na hirap talaga ako pag pataas, pero eventually, we all were able to get to the base summit by 10AM.

We picked a spot and ate our lunch. I initially decided, ayaw ko na akyatin ung second summit because I have done so before, kaya lang, I called my mom to let her know of the update and my decision, and ang sabi nya, “Nanjan ka na, hindi mo pa kukumpletuhin”, so there, I changed my mind.

Just like my first time, I did not go for the beak. As exciting as it was, it was too dangerous for me, and that I have my family to think of kung magkakamali ako ng tapak. We settled for a photo ops instead:


Before we went to the second summit.


A group picture on the same spot


Thanks Vince, for the pictures. A group shot with the bird’s beak as a view

At around 1 PM, we decided to head back. This was where the fun started. Since the trail itself it not all flat or down slope, I had the most difficult time. Fatigue was also wearing me out. During one of our breaks, I decided to go ahead so that I can pace myself better. Little did I know that it would be one bad decision.

So I went ahead and got to the registration area. That was fine as I had plenty of rest before they got to where I am. After a few minutes, I decided to go ahead again. Confident that I was heading the right direction, I let myself dwell on how tired I am. I did not notice that there was a sign and as I walked farther, I noticed the absence of the trail signs. I even noticed that the path was somehow similar, but was getting unfamiliar by the minute. I only acknowledged the fact that I was lost after a few shrubs got stuck in my shirt. As soon as I realized that I was lost, I quickly head back, half running and half walking while cursing my stupidity. Imagine, ako na sobrang hard sa sarili ko pag me climb na wala ung ibang Piknikers. Kakahiya and all that.

I was able to retrace my steps and found the correct path, yun nga lang, mejo late na. It was around 4 PM na. Kinakabahan na ako. For one, I do not have the headlamp with me. I don’t have food. I don’t even have any freakin’ money with me. Just about half a liter of water and my clothing. For some weird coincidence pa, there was not much hikers left who were on their way down. Maybe, nakalagpas na cla, or andun pa cla sa kubo. I dunno. My mind was so set in going home. I was thinking if the others were looking for me and such.

Anyway, I was so relieved when I was able to see the highway. I was sooo ready to kiss the concrete steps had it  been that my knees were about to give in due to fatigue. When I got back to DOST, my companions did not even think that I was missing. They thought I was in one of the bathroom all along. Well, I got pissed at first pero, if I think about it even until now, everything was my fault as I was not reading the signs. Babe and I talked when we got home, and all is well.

So there. My almost disastrous comeback climb. I enjoyed it. I did. So much that we have another climb this coming Feb. 16. Will post about it after the climb. We’re both excited as this is going to be an exploration climb. Another first.

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