Kilig Date And A Discovery

The much awaited incentive from our company finally arrived last Saturday. As expected, since it took too long for it to be processed, our debts finally caught up with us. The end result was quite devastating but relieving since we can now start fresh come the next payday.

Saturday was quite busy. Supposedly, we were to bring Geoff for his monthly well  baby check up. This plan did not push through because 1. Babe woke up late 2. Geoff woke up late from his afternoon nap as well 3. We got lazy. Since the initial plan did not materialized, we went grocery shopping instead.

We went to SM Taytay, the nearest go-to mall for the errands that we had that day. I asked Babe to stop by the Office Warehouse to check and buy on some possible hardware for my arts and crafts project. I ended up buying a one hole puncher (same with the ticket guys on the bus) and magazines from Summit Media, namely Yummy and Real Living (LOVE those mags. Will post about them soon).

After, Babe asked to stop by Blade to get an air filter for Leni (our car) and check on the wipers. It has been years since it was replaced, and we felt that the car deserved something new. As they would need to install the wiper or at least get the measurements, I decided to swing by the National bookstore to be inspired further. I bought colored papers and popcicle sticks then decided to check out the department store. We bought Geoff his swim attire and vowed to schedule a swim session. We then ate lunch at the foodcourt with so and so dish.

And so, we dropped by Sun to pay, and stopped by Globe to send money for my Sample Room purchase (will be posted separately), went to the bills payment counter in the supermarket to pay for the cable and water, then finally the groceries itself (Whew!).

When we got home, we just took a bath and drove to Las Pinas. I promised my mom that we will be there that day, so even if we got there late, she was still thrilled to have Geoff over. Geoff felt the same way kasi hindi na nya kami pinansin afterwards. Babe and I left for the actual date.

Sorry if the day took longer to type. Pero ito na yung kilig moment. We were still able to watch Miggy and Laida!



Did I ever mention that I am a HUGE John Lloyd fan? As in. Grabe (harhar!). Babe made it a point that we saw the movie that day kasi he knew that I really wanted to see it. We were not disappointed, it was a really good film. Hindi ako basta basta kinikilig, but if it is John Lloyd, nakow. Expect that I will always be all smiles. Anyway, I am looking forward to available downloads in the future.

For the discovery, Babe and I ate at Karate Kid before the movie. I ordered the ebi┬átempura don (I think) and the Mudslide crepe. Babe got the Katsudon and California Maki. The taste was heaven. This was my first time eating there and as usual, we have no pictures. The mudslide crepe was the biggest surprise in the set we ordered. It has whipped cream, a scoop of chocolate ice cream, brownie cubes, choco cereal, choco syrup, and the crepe itself. Hanggang ngayon, I can’t get over it.

Karate Kid is located in SM Southmall, ground floor, alongside Goldilocks.

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