It’s Been A While

How many months have passed?

How many important events did I fail to write about?

How many unlikeable circumstances happened during the days that I failed to write?

That’s right, a lot. Well, month-wise, it may not be a lot, but a lot of things happened. The last post I had was for July. We had two sitters in succession during the months I failed to update my blog, and now we are in a phase where we have to find a replacement. Just to give an update, here is what my baby looks like now:

Happy Boy! 🙂

Such a happy boy he is. Anyway, he is now 5 months, turning 6 on the 11th, the same date as my own birthday. At the moment, he is at home with my mom while Babe and I are in the office. There is a big possibility that he might be drooling right now, as this has become a favorite past time for him (haha!). Another update, I am again doing evaluations for the team I belong to. Yep. I came back from where my roots previously were, being a QA. This is just another blessing that I am most thankful for. My hardwork has paid off, and at the same time, I realized that most of the times, good things come to those who wait. I intend to post more in the coming weeks. For the mean time, I will gather my thoughts to come up with a more interesting post.

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