If You’re Happy And You Know It

Recently, Geoff has taken a great liking to clapping his hands. Actually, we discovered that he is now able to focus on arranging his stacking claps in a particular manner. Hindi lang sa stacking cups, minsan ung mga alphabet blocks nya din. If the orientation (?) is upright, he will check the rest of the pieces if it is also facing the same way. Then he will clap his hands for his proud moment. Here is a video clip of his usual morning play.

VID 20130809 143651 from joanne on Vimeo.

Truly, not all development in babies are the same. In Geoff’s case, he does not speak yet, but, I find his understanding quite amusing as he is able to follow simple instructions and he is constantly on a discovery phase. As much as possible, we encourage him a lot and talk to him in a manner as if he is an adult as well.

Having said all these (kahit hindi naman talaga karamihan yung sinabi ko), I miss my baby. I am dragging the hours now that I am on the morning shift. I hope it’s now 5PM (haha!).

7 thoughts on “If You’re Happy And You Know It

  1. Glaiza Chua-Caballero on Facebook

    hehe.. si rai di padin eh pero matututunan din nila yan..uu ang tangkad nya kaya nga medyo pumapayat khit anung lakas ng dede at kaen.. buti p si jop mukhang baby pdin nakakapanggigil pdin si rai mukhang 2 years old n eh.. ang kulit pa sobra..haha!


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