I Am The Owner of the Slimmest Phone

I have always been a loyal Sun cellular subscriber. The relationship started when I was able to buy a phone of my own. During that time, it seems to be the better choice because of the unlimited services offered, plus my family members and friends were Sun subscribers as well. I was still on prepaid then.

It was in 2009 when I decided to get a broadband package, and in 2011 a post paid phoneline. I liked the phone that was offered then, sadly, all good things came to an end, especially when technology is at a rapid pace of innovation. That and the fact that my baby boy loved throwing, munching, and stepping on my old phone.

I decided to go for an upgrade. Babe and I went to the Sun Shop in SM Taytay to inquire about my options in terms of getting a new phone. We browsed through our phone options and talked to a CS Representative that day. What I was looking for was simple. I want:

  • An Android phone, this being the “in” thing.
  • A phone capable of blogging and “socializing” through social media
  • Something that I can play games with (I was highly curious of Candy Crush and 4 PIcs 1 Word then)
  • A phone with an excellent camera resolution to better capture those “biglaan” moments
  • Wifi, Bluetooth, Music, and awesome phone capabilities.
  • The icons should not be too big that it crowds the screen (ok, this is just me)

Our questions were answered that day and we came back the next day with a decision to get the Alcatel Idol Ultra. Let me go over the easy part, which was the service or plan that I got. I got the Plan 999 bundle which includes unlimited mobile internet, unlimited texts (Sun to Sun), and 4 hours of Sun calls. This deal is acceptable for me since I cannot be without Internet access, I can still communicate with friends and families, plus, it was the same exact amount that I was paying for before with the broadband service. Now for the fun part.

The Alcatel Idol Ultra was tagged as the world’s slimmest phone, which was also featured in the Iron Man 3 movie. Of course this was not the selling point that got me to decide. Here goes:


Front view: The size is 5.29 x 2.70 x 0.26 in and only weighs 115 grams.


Slim indeed!


The back part, notice the camera protruding. This may very well be because the actual body is slimmer than the part!

No doubt the phone is slim. There is a slot for a microsim and usb – for charging and for the earphones. Since the phone is too slim, it comes with an adapter/converter for you to use with the earphones. On the top left is the power button and on the left side is the volume control. Battery is built in and there is no option for expanded memory.

Though there is no slot for a memory card, the phone’s built in memory is 16GB. More than enough if you are not much in to music like me. Right now, I have about a dozen games, a few more installed applications, some ebooks and around 100 pictures in jpeg format and the free space is still more that 10GB! I am quite pleased, even though I am the type who is after “the more, the merrier” in terms of disk space.

The Idol Ultra also comes with a Super AMOLED screen (to deflect excess light during outdoor use), a Dragon Trail glass for protection, front and back camera (1.3MP and 8MP accordingly), and 4.65-inch display with HD resolution of 720×1280 pixels. More or less, the quality of watching HD movies (or an episode from a series) is quite enjoyable. One thing that I was able to compare though is that the colors are much warmer (is this the right term?) compared to that of a Sony Xperia Z:

Right: Idol Ultra, Left: Xperia Z

Right: Idol Ultra, Left: Xperia Z

How my phone looks like - Cat themed wallpaper. Icons can be customized too!

How my phone looks like – Cat themed wallpaper. Icons can be customized too!

Performance wise, the Idol Ultra comes with Jellybean 4.1.1, which allowed me to download the current applications that I have (not that I am saying that this is solely the main reason that allowed me to download it. Initially, the battery is not something to rave about. I have unlimited data connection, thus, I was almost always online (not to mention that I also use the tether feature so that Babe can connect), so I think that contributed to the reason for me to charge the phone on a daily basis. The tether function during the first week was kind of horrendous, but the performance eventually improved, so I am not sure if it is the service or the phone. Phone features such as call and text works as it should be, and I was able to sync my contacts through my google account.

To give a brief summary of what I liked and did not, here it is:


  • That the phone is slim and very light
  • The screen is big enough for me to text easily (I sometimes have sticky fingers, and it’s very difficult for me to compose a text message)
  • Picture wise, the colors are ok even for indoor use.
  • I have the ability to customize the theme I want, and install something different whenever I wish.
  • The applications open with no lags nor delay.
  • The icons are simple and clean and does not look too crowded no matter how many applications you have.
  • The lock screen has shortcuts for call, messages, and camera.
  • The back portion has a rubbery texture, so no worries about scratches.
  • The phone comes with 2 screen protectors.
  • Themes and icons can be customized by downloading the Go Launcher or Nova Launcher applications. The default launcher of the Jellybean is pretty much standard.


  • Front camera is of no difference compared to low end phones (this is because the resolution is just 1.3 MP)
  • Memory is not expandable
  • The Recent Apps button sometimes acts up, that you have to press it again for it to come up.
  • Battery drains fast, especially if you have data on at all times (Babe had to root the phone without my knowledge, and battery life is more acceptable)
  • We were able to find one store where you can get a silicone case. Options are limited in terms of those cute cases compared to other phones.
  • I noticed that even with the screen protector in place, my screen is very prone to smudges and dust compared to Babe’s Xperia (this is not a big deal, I just thought of mentioning)

Market value of the phone plays around Php 15,000 and is available on most telecoms stores. Visit their page, or go to the Sun Shop near you to inquire about the phone or application.

Alcatel website:


Sun Cellular:


Alcatel Cases – Cyberlynx E Technologies (ground floor repair area, St. Francis Square)



P.S. This is not a sponsored post

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