How Consultations Are Today (At Least in my Book)

Yesterday, I brought Tofu to the vet because it has been a few days that he is not his usual self. He doesn’t eat, play, in short, matamlay. When we got there, all the vet did was to ask several questions, pinch his nose and tell me that Tofu has a cold. The diagnosis was concluded after about 5 minutes. And it costed me Php300.

When Geoff had a fever before, we had him checked during the third day, This was normal given that we had to wait it out a bit to rule out other possible symptoms. When it was our turn in the hospital, almost the same thing happened. We were asked several questions, got Geoff’s temperature checked, and was told that it was something viral. Again, our waiting time was more that the actual check up. Had it been that we were without a health card, it would have cost an easy Php500.

I mean, if someone in our household is sick, bringing them to the doctor is not an issue at all. However, with these examples I have presented, I sometimes wish that doctors nowadays would be more caring and compassionate about their patients. I┬ácan’t help but think that some of them are only after your money.

However, not all doctors that I know are like the example stated above. In fact, My OB, Dr. Cecil Nogoy ,and Geoff’s first pedia, Dr. Paz Ong, are the doctors that stood out the most among all the doctors we have seen before. Too bad we live so far away from where they hold their practice. They have the patience to listen and to educate about the things that even we don’t remember asking. They know how to build rapport. They don’t just ask questions, come up with possible diagnosis, and write prescriptions. They also provide explanation as to what could be the cause, other possibilities, cheaper options for medications, and of course, what was to be expected.

So yeah, now I am wishing that all doctors are like them.

P.S. Tofu is more like his old self. I did not get to buy the medicine prescribed for him as I don’t have the means at the moment. I had him drink water mixed with Mondex and his multivitamins. For some reason, he won’t eat anything except for our leftover beef strips.


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