Hope and Good Vibes

Whenever I read other people’s posts/ blogs, I always feel a pang of envy as to how organized their writings are. Be it that there is editing involved, my composition always comes up as disorganized, incomplete, and could be better.

Anyway, this year, we have a lot of unwritten plans and goals. Some are short term, most are focusing on the long term. Based on the book and documentary “The Secret”, I should put into writing what I will to happen, and the universe will conspire more in giving what I want the most. So here goes:

Short term goals

  • Printer
  • To send Geoff to a decent playschool
  • Nintendo 3DS XL (woah!)
  • an out of town vacation
  • Geoff’s 2nd birthday swim party
  • to be debt free!

Long term plans

  • to work in Singapore
  • Lot purchase
  • House construction
  • to migrate

I won’t provide details to the list yet. We will will for it instead. Aside from writing about it, I need to be vocal about it in our prayers. Hoping everything will turn out alright in the coming days. We are now taking a few steps out of our usual comfort zone and inching closer to the unknown.

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