Hello Palawan! (The Itinerary)

Hello! Hello! It’s been a week since we returned from our second anniversary Palawan trip. Yes, a week since we returned to reality (LOL)! Though the trip was planned, we were unable to visit everything that I had on my list due to laziness and meager funds. Thanks to 8 Dragons Tour and Em of Akira and Everything Nice, Babe was able to experience the beauty of the Underground River.

We stayed in Puerto Princesa for 4 days and 3 nights. Considering that we wanted the trip to be relaxed, we only booked 2 days of our stay with tours. Anyway, here was what we did for 4 days:



Day1: Early morning arrival from the Airport. We booked our tickets through Air Asia, and I must say, the airfare was cheap, but the service was fantastic. Not only we arrived on time, but was a little early as well. We were booked at Balay Inato (more details on the next posts) and slept until the afternoon. Upon waking up, we freshened up and looked for something to eat. We ended up at Skylights hotel, which has a restaurant as well. We stayed there at least an hour or 2. After lunch, we went to the Butterfly Garden. This was our last stop for the day since most of the tourist spot (save for the usual gardens and the baywalk) has an operating hours of 8AM to 5PM. For dinner, we ate at Balay Inato (Haim Inato) and had the best chicken.

Day 2 – This was the day we went to the Underground River. The tour ended at around 4PM or 5PM. I don’t quite remember, but we slept again right after we got back to the Inn. We had dinner at Balinsasayaw that night. BEST. DINNER. EVER.

Day 3 – We booked the Honda Bay tour. This was where we were able to buy and eat a rock crab or what they call pitik.┬áMore kwento about this on a separate post. This tour ended almost the same time with the Underground River. As explained by our tour guide, Sonny, the bangkeros were expected to be back by 5PM for safety reasons (their boats does not have lights, thus, are only allowed to go during the day). We had dinner at Haim Inato again (did I mention that their chicken was the best?)

Day 4 – The longest day is often the last day. The heat was really unbearable, so we only went out to buy a few things to give the family and friends back home. We ate lunch at Bona’s Chaolong, which was said to serve the best Vietnamese dish (Chaolong) in Puerto Princesa. Let me say that it was good, however, my tongue is not used to a different taste, thus, I found it a bit weird. We arrived in Manila about 15 – 20 minutes earlier than expected. We purchased return flights, so, we boarded the Air Asia aircraft again.

It was work day the very next day, so imagine how tired and sleepy I was during work. I will be posting about our expenses in another post as I go along the activities that we did during our stay.

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