Hello Palawan! Food Trip

Sorry for the very long break that I took from blogging. We were yaya-less for almost 2 weeks, add up the quota I need to finish for work. So anyway, here is the second part of our Palawan trip, which is mainly about food.

Now, this trip was set on a very strict budget (due to some unforeseen circumstances) and each restaurant that we ate in was either due to the research that I did beforehand, or due to our own convenience at the time.

We arrived very early in Puerto Princesa, and was picked up by the Balay Inato shuttle at around 7AM. As we were still waiting for our room to be ready, we decided to eat from their restaurant. The breakfast was quite basic, nothing fancy. Babe and I had baconsilog and tocilog as their signature Inato Chicken was not available at the time.



After the filling breakfast, we slept first as we came directly from shift. We woke up at around 2 or 3 PM in the afternoon and decided that we were both hungry (again!) and would like to make the most of the afternoon looking around and somehow visit some of the places I had listed prior to the trip.

As we walked to the main avenue (I am not sure if it even is the main avenue, but it is where most of the transport is available and commercial establishments are located~ please forgive my momnesia!)

Babe wanted seafood so when we saw that the Skylight Hotel’s Restaurant was offering fresh seafood, we went ahead and asked the person who was on duty. It was quite disappointing that everything was pricey, so since we were already there, and we already pestered kuya so much with prices, we just settled with their seafood platter, priced at 700+.



Everything tasted so good, except we think that the crab was no longer fresh. For some reason, Babe’s allergy was triggered and he had to look for a drugstore for his antihistamine. 

We ended the day by going to the baywalk. We were still full from the late lunch earlier, so we decided to make “tambay” (LOL!) by the sea wall. We saw an ice cream cart with bread and relived our childhood. Bread and dirty ice cream? Heaven!


Our lunch meals for days 2 and 3 were covered by the tour, but, I would like to make a special mention to the most wonderful purchase we did during our Honda Bay tour. The Rock Crabs!


A few vendors were selling these during our stay in Pandan Island. For 550 pesos per kilo, you would probably get 5-6 pieces. We opted to get the 3 pieces kilo for 280 pesos due to the constant urging by Babe. Good thing we did as this was the closest we could get to a real lobster meal. Babe devoured his share during lunch that day, while I packed these 2 halves for my dinner pleasure.

One of the restaurants that I included in my list is the Balinsasayaw. It’s on the same street from where we were staying, so we only had to walk from the inn, to here. The place was really cozy and when the food arrived, it was love at first sight!

DSC_0263We ordered the grilled tuna belly and garlic shrimps. We paid a little or more than 500 pesos, but I swear, the food will not disappoint!

Finally, for the last lunch (Day 4), I asked Babe if we can try Bona’s Chaolongan. He agreed since the place was also nearby. Right after we went pasalubong shopping, we asked the trike driver to drop us in, and what I read about the price was right. Everything was cheap.

According to the posts I read, the must try was the Chaolong and the French bread (as pictured). Babe liked it a lot because aside from the gigantic serving, he also found it savory. I also liked the french bread. Too bad my palate was not that sophisticated to try a different delicacy. Though I found it yummy, I also found it weird at the same time.
DSC_0270 DSC_0272

We were also able to taste the famous Chicken Inato from Hain Chicken Inato. As luck would have it, this is located right in front of our room! Too bad there were no pictures, but I tell you, this is more delicious than the traditional chicken barbeque or Chicken Inasal.

All in all, we probably spent 2-2.5K pesos for food during our stay. This budget may seem small, but I assure you, sobrang busog kami everytime and it’s something na hindi natipid 🙂

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